by Noella Noelophile®Boo003 - Copy

I’m doing something scary this Halloween.

Something completely new, that has nothing to do with haunts, costumes, candy or any of the traditional Halloween experiences.

I’m promoting my first book.  And have no idea if you’ll like it.  BUT–

If you would like to take a peek, tomorrow, November 1 through Monday, November 3, I’ll be offering my “Noelophile®’s Twelve Meditations of Christmas” for free download, on Amazon.

Isn’t it funny how “firsts” are scary–and exciting at the same time?  Kind of like adventure sports, where you have that “uh-oh” moment just before you slide down the ski hill or leap off the diving board.

Halloween is, in fact, a special anniversary for me.  More years ago than I like to tell you, it was the date I left a “make-the-rent” job for the last time, to concentrate on completing my studies for my “dream profession”.  I remember walking through the parking lot after 5 pm, looking up at the moon and thinking, “This is either the craziest thing I’ve ever done–or the sanest.”  I had no idea if things would work out, or not.

Thank goodness–they did.

So, a very Happy Halloween to you!  Take a look if you’d like to and if you have time, and may your “uh-oh” moments, in going for your dreams, be followed by a, “Wow!  I’m so glad I did that!”


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