“What’d I Forget?”

lights2by Noella Noelophile™

“O-kay.  What’d I forget?”

That’s a question I always ask, when expecting guests for a Christmas celebration.

As the platters of cookies sit waiting, beverages chill and the gifts await, I’m wondering: is there a detail we’ve overlooked, that will make something special even more fun?

And that is the question I’d like to ask you now.

With my Noelophile™ coverage of Christmastime events in California, is there a special, non-denominational (and preferably, free or low-cost) community event you really enjoy, about which you’d like me to know?  Maybe an every-year tradition you and your family would never dream of missing–or a resource that will be helpful to everyone when we start preparing for Christmas 2014?

Shoot me a quick e-mail at noelophile@gmail.com and let me know–and thank you for visiting!



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