Canadian Geese

geese12by Noella Noelophile™

“Honk!  Honk!

That’s not a particularly uncommon sound for a  Southern California morning.  The only unusual thing was the source!

No idea where these three came from.  Flocks of wild parrots are common in Pasadena, with one local story attributing them to a long-ago pet shop fire that resulted in escaped birds and numerous squawking descendants.   But Canadian geese?


This trio were enjoying the mirror pools at PCC, and periodically voicing their opinions on their surroundings.  One even took a brief swim!   I was hesitant to approach, not wanting to scare them away–but they didn’t seem to mind having people around.

And they didn’t object to the photo opportunity, either.

It’s funny how such an unexpected little thing can really brighten your morning!  Look how beautiful these are, with their contrasting black-and-white feathers.

geese 14

And their attitude was smile-inducing.  It was unapologetic self-promotion:  “we’re here, so look and appreciate–and in case you didn’t notice that there are now geese on campus–HONK!

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