GRRRstuff…Or, One of Those Days!

morning latte 1by Noella Noelophile™

O-kay.  Just because I’m Noelophile™…doesn’t mean there aren’t days like this.

This morning was something less than Christmas carols and soft lights.

A major miscommunication had happened with a colleague.   An unexpected meeting got scheduled for midday.   So, time to drop everything and commute–on my only free day prior to a deadline.  Meanwhile, we’ve just returned from a trip…which meant missing the deadline to buy a new monthly bus pass.  As a nondriver, those $1.50 fares, each time, add up pretty quickly!

So…attempted to add value to my fare card.  Coming up a dollar short of the specified $5 block, meant putting in a bill…and having the machine spit out a quantity of $1 coins in change.  You know the type–the ones no one accepts willingly in payment, because they don’t look real!

Extra fare or no, after getting to my destination this morning, I decided to splurge on a latte at a new cafe.  Great idea…except…guess what wasn’t open?

Grrr, grumble, grumble.  Headed off to a different, previously-untried location.  At least California does not have a shortage of cafes!  Including the one which charged more than $4.00 for a latte and had no bagels, this morning.

All this, and it wasn’t even 8 a.m. yet.

Sipping my latte, I consciously worked on trying to change the energy with which I was going into today.   After all, none of the above qualifies as a disaster.  On December 21, this past year, it was a lot of fun to go around saying, “Oh, well, it’s not the end of the world!” when something didn’t turn out as planned.

What do YOU do, to change things around and remind yourself how blessed you are, when things go less than splendidly?  My answer was to think of my intention to go to the meeting, communicate to the colleague how much I like and respect him while letting him know we weren’t on the same page, and prepare to meet the deadline after the meeting concluded.  After all, as a Type A, you KNOW the deadline will get met…even if that doesn’t prevent you from stressing about it.

My mom used to say, “It’ll all be the same in a hundred years.”  Actually, it’ll all be the same next week!  Besides the “grr!”‘s, today also had a glorious blue sky, a good conversation with friends and people (and cats) at home to be loved.

Even if the sink did back up.

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