November Sunset

by Noella Noelophile®wintry sunset with flag over street

I saw the sunset on my way home today.

It had a feel of warmth, anticipation–and freedom.  Wintry sunsets are always a favorite reminder that Christmas isn’t that far off.  And the flags lining the street served as a reminder that Veteran’s Day is this Saturday, November 11th.

Would you like to say “thank you” to our troops and veterans?  Here are a couple of great organizations you might like to consider.

Soldiers’ Angels is currently collecting “Treats for Troops”, with the goal of gathering 17,000 pounds of candy for soldiers and veterans.  In addition, they have numerous volunteer programs in support of deployed service members, veterans and their families.

San Pedro Packages for Patriots is also collecting Halloween candy.  And in addition, for Christmas, they’d like to collect “as many Christmas decorations as they can” for troops away from home this season.   They suggest tiny Christmas trees, Christmas cards, Santa beards and hats,, stockings and snowflakes, but have fun making a service member’s Christmas Day a little brighter.  Here’s the link to their list.

And if you’d like some additional ideas on how to help and thank veterans and service members during the Christmas season (or year-round!), here’s the link to nonprofit Charity Navigator, which can point you towards other reputable organizations currently serving veterans and military service members.

Thank you for wanting to help–and if you are a veteran, member of our military or of a military family, thank you for our freedom.