About Noelophile®

I am a professional, California-based broadcaster and journalist, for whom Christmas has always been magical!  Consequently, I’m using this site to combine my loves–Christmas and broadcasting.  And I also hope Noelophile® will do what broadcasting is intended to do–serve you, as a member of the community.

I wondered, in creating this site, if anyone would mind that it’s not, specifically, a “religious” site.   While I have a lot of great memories of candlelight Christmas services and one wonderful Christmas pageant, my spiritual journey has not been a traditional one.  And as I gather material for the site, I’m loving hearing stories, not only of Christmas, but of those of us who celebrate Hanukkah or other festivities at this time of year.  We’re all celebrating love, family and our realization that our world is greater than simply the boundaries we, as individuals, see.

Consequently, I hope to serve you, the visitor to my special site, by sharing some of the most magical elements of Christmas, and respect that our beliefs may be different.  Merry Christmas, and I hope you enjoy our visit!


Noella Noelophile®, Editor-in-Chief