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  • Mitzvahs, Miracles and Inspiration December 23, 2016

    by Noella Noelophile®

    Author and speaker Dawn Wynne is celebrating Hanukkah with her family.

    She’s also celebrating Christmas.

    And her latest book, The Miracle Mitzvah Moose, celebrates the principles of love and giving at the core of both holidays.

    As a mom, Dawn has taught her daughter the true spirit of the season.  With a blended family that observes both Jewish and Christian customs every year, she has started a tradition from which grew the idea for The Miracle Mitzvah Moose.  An inspiring children’s book that may very well get the whole family into the Hanukkah (or Christmas) spirit, The Miracle Mitzvah Moose comes with a toy, “Moosey”, which Dawn designed to go with the story.

    With a background in education, Dawn has been honored as with both the “Teacher of the Year” and “Superintendents’ Award” for teaching excellence.  Meanwhile, she is an Amazon Children’s bestselling author, with honors including Indie Excellence Finalist and the Readers’ Favorite Silver Award for her previous books

    Meanwhile, if you’re looking for activities for young household members home for winter vacation, Dawn has coloring, baking and craft activities on the “Kid’s Corner” of her website.  And she’s available as a speaker–not just for Hanukkah topics but to offer a “fun” history lesson from her second book, I Remember When..., or a message of sustainability from her first one,  Earth Remembers When.

    Dawn talked about her background, the experience of writing and publishing The Miracle Mitzvah Moose and her family’s traditions for Christmas and Hanukkah.

  • From Her Heart, at Christmas December 3, 2016

    evangeline-duran-fuentes“Life isn’t always what we think it is,” says author Evangeline Duran Fuentes.  “Sometimes there’s a change.”

    That change, and dealing with it at Christmastime, are at the core of her fourth published book (and her first published Christmas story!), A Tumbleweed Christmas

    In addition to being a storyteller, Evangeline is an artist/entrepreneur, as well as a mom and grandmother.  And A Tumbleweed Christmas is based on a true story.

    Some years ago, Evangeline and her family moved from Southern California to Texas, to help her ailing father-in-law run his small farm.   Her two young children had to make some major adjustments–and their first Christmas in their new home, is the foundation of A Tumbleweed Christmas.

    As the story progresses, ten-year-old Matty and her older brother Mark learn to thrive in their new setting.  In the process, Matty leans a lot about love and growing up, as two strangers offer an unexpected gift.

    With a poignant twist towards the end, A Tumbleweed Christmas is a bittersweet story of family, love and giving.  While written as a children’s story, it shares a quality with Evangeline’s three previous books: “big kids” will find themselves captivated–and won’t forget Matty, Mark, Pedro or Esperanza.

    Evangeline talked about the story behind A Tumbleweed Christmas, some of the creative choices she made while writing it, and some of her family’s Christmas traditions.  (She also read a short selection from A Tumbleweed Christmas, in the course of our interview!)

    (And congratulations to Evangeline on publishing her fifth children’s book, Waggles, earlier this year!  You’ll find all of her books on her website.  Meanwhile, if you’re looking for some sparkly and unique Swarovski crystal jewelry, check out her small business,  Alluring By Design!)

  • A Great Christmas Read–Plus! October 17, 2016

    by Noella Noelophile®christmas-bells-graphic

    “I heard the bells, on Christmas Day, their old familiar carols play…”

    You’ve probably heard this traditional carol–and maybe sung it–all your life.

    But–did you know the story behind, “Christmas Bells”?   And that one of America’s most beloved poets became inspired with these verses at a time of great personal turmoil?

    Bestselling author Jennifer Chiaverini tells that story, in her 2015 novel Christmas Bells.  And while this is a work of historic fiction, based on documented facts, she also tells a parallel Christmas story–set in modern times.

    And here’s some great news–and some more great news, along with some dates you may want to keep in mind.  As of October, 2016, Christmas Bells is available in paperback!  (Can we say “great stocking stuffer or Christmas-trip read” here?)

    Also–Jennifer is planning some upcoming author appearances, and has a brand-new novel!  Her central character, this time, may surprise you.  She’ll be doing a reading at the Wisconsin Book Festival on Saturday, October 22nd, with a Q and A session and book signing afterwards.   Additional dates will be forthcoming on her website.

    (Photograph courtesy of Michael Chiaverini, and used with permission.)

    (Photograph courtesy of Michael Chiaverini, and used with permission.)

    You may very well already be familiar with Jennifer Chiaverini’s gift for bringing history to life through storytelling.  Some of her  previous twenty-four novels include Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker, Mrs. Grant and Madam Julie, and Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival.   Needleworkers among us have also been delighted by her Elm Creek Quilts series, which includes The Christmas Quilt, The New Year’s Quilt, and The Quilter’s Apprentice.

    In Christmas Bells, she gives us the best of both worlds, as she takes us back in time to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s Craigie House in the mid-nineteenth century–then to the present day, as his beautiful carol resonates with an engaging and believable cast of characters.

    Additional great news?  Her brand-new novel, Fates and Traitors, is now available for Christmas giving–and any history buffs on your gift list will be captivated!

    In a departure from her previous historical fiction, Fates and Traitors explores the life of one of history’s most notorious villains: John Wilkes Booth.  Without excusing or glossing over the facts, the book presents Booth as a flawed individual whose misguided beliefs ultimately lead him, inexorably, to the tragic events of April 14, 1865.  The story is told from the perspectives of four women in Booth’s life: his mother, Mary Ann Holmes Booth; his sister, Asia Booth Clarke; his fiancee, Lucy Hale; and his landlady and co-conspirator, Mary Surratt.

    Jennifer talked about Christmas Bells, some of the historical facts behind her new novel Fates and Traitors, and her advice to aspiring writers.


  • Do You Believe? He Does October 17, 2014
    Photo courtesy of MSG Entertainment, and used with permission.

    Photo courtesy of MSG Entertainment, and used with permission.

    Actor and author Charles Edward Hall doesn’t just believe in Santa Claus.  He knows he exists.

    And he explains why in his book, Santa Claus is For Real, just published this week.

    This Christmas, Charles–whom we’ll call “Santa Charles” from here on–celebrates his twenty-eighth year as Santa in New York’s Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular.  But for Santa Charles, it’s about so much more than playing a role.

    In his new book, Santa Charles shares the story of his journey, both as an actor in his role as the Radio City Music Hall Santa, and as a cynic who became a believer.

    Santa Charles talked about his own memories of Santa, explained how he first began portraying the Radio City Santa Claus, and shared the onstage experience that convinced both him and his New York audience that “Santa Claus is for real”.

  • Christmas “Pearl-Style” Wisdom December 21, 2012
    Dorothea Benton Frank's The Christmas Pearl

    Photo courtesy of William Morrow, and used with permission.

    Bestselling author Dorothea Benton Frank takes readers to South Carolina with her when she creates her stories.  So far, she has written thirteen novels–including her most recent offering, Porch Lights, published earlier this year.

    Growing up on Sullivan’s Island, Dottie, as she likes to be called, enjoyed Christmases full of family and special traditions.  These are the memories that make up the background of her Christmas novel, The Christmas Pearl. 

    Dottie talked about the real-life character on whom she based  “Pearl”, her own favorite growing-up Christmas traditions, and, believe it or not–fruitcake!

  • Dorothea Benton Frank Interview, Part 2 December 21, 2012

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