A Favorite Christmas

by Noella Noelophile®white bulldog

Do you remember a Christmas when the gift you wanted very most, was four-legged?

Long Beach Chief Inspiration Officer and Community Action Team founder Justin Rudd does.

Here, he shares a favorite Christmas memory–just in time for today’s fifteenth annual “Operation Santa Paws”!

Would you like to help Justin and his team of volunteers bring some Christmas joy to abused and abandoned animals?  You can join them today, as they visit four local shelters to deliver toys, treats and supplies for “Operation Santa Paws”!  Their first stop will be Long Beach Animal Care Services, at 7700 East Spring Street at the 405, in Long Beach, around 11:45 this morning.  (Please arrive a little early.) You’re welcome to come to any or all of the four shelters with them; you’ll find a “wish list” for shelter donations, along with the times and places they’ll be passing out toys and treats, here.


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