“Santa” Remembers

by Noella Noelophile®

Photo courtesy of MSG Entertainment, and used with permission.

Photo courtesy of MSG Entertainment, and used with permission.

How can anyone write a Christmas story from a completely unique perspective?

Actor and author Charles Edward Hall proves it’s possible.

In his book, “Santa Claus Is For Real“, “Santa Charles” draws on his twenty-seven years’  experience portraying Santa Claus, in the Radio City Music Hall Christmas spectacular.  The result is a magical mix of fiction and real-life Christmas sparkle that’s both moving and funny.

At first, “Santa Charles” relates, he approaches his role as exactly what he is–a cynical New York professional actor.  He really isn’t even that interested in the “Santa” role–it just comes with the part of “Scrooge”, which he does want.

But then, some things start happening…and the magic of Christmas takes over…

Following an earlier interview, just prior to his book’s release, Santa Charles shared a memory of his own first magical “Santa” experience.

Enjoy, thank you for reading, and Merry Christmas!

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