Our Festive Start

Christmas lanternThis is it!  December first!  Hooray!!!

Don’t know about you, but I love the first of December.  It’s a completely magical time, where I can feel the enchantment of the oncoming festivities–somehow without all the “frantic.”

Usually, my favorite thing to do on December first is go to a local coffee shop with an outdoor plaza.  I’ll sit sipping a latte as people go by, and see all kinds of fun things.  A man walks by in a Christmas tree hat, for example…or a shopper zooms past on inline skates with a dog on a leash and a bunch of packages (hey, this IS Southern California!)

One tradition I really love, is that on December first, our decorating begins.  I put out one ornament…and that’s it.  With another one to come the next day, and the next…

…And by December 24th, we’re pretty well decorated!  That really works well for our busy California lives, fitted around work, school, and general creative pursuits.

What is YOUR December first like?  Hope it’s a merry one!