A Santa’s-Eye View

(Photo courtesy of Jen Mendoza, and used with permission.)

(Photo courtesy of Jen Mendoza, and used with permission.)

OK, we know you’ve just finished putting the pumpkins away.

But–if you want a Santa for your Christmas celebration (home, church, party), now is the time to make arrangements.  At least, that’s what artist Debbie Ingland says–and she would know.

Debbie’s unique perspective on Christmas comes from the fact that, since 2011, she’s been portraying “Mrs. Claus” to her husband, Scott’s, “Santa”.  The Inglands make appearances at all kinds of Christmas celebrations throughout Orange County–from private homes and parties to community events.

Debbie talked about her experiences as “Mrs. Claus”, a special Santa organization, FORBS, and her favorite Christmas memories.  She also warned–coal in your stocking is nothing, to finding out “Santa” is already booked!  (In other words, if you need a Santa, better be “nice” and confirm one soon!)

“Santa” Scott Ingland and “Mrs. Claus”, a/k/a Debbie Ingland, can be reached at santascottintheoc@gmail.com, or inglandsweets55@gmail.com.  Scott and Debbie request that callers let them know if they need “Santa only” or “Santa and Mrs. Claus” for their Christmastime events.

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