Creating Their Christmas Dream

Richard and Deborah with their "So This Is Christmas" cast

Photograph courtesy of Deborah and Richard Foster/Foster Entertainment, and used with permission.

Richard and Deborah Foster are a husband-and-wife team of independent filmmakers.  And this Christmas, they’re doing something they’ve always wanted to do!

Deborah and Richard have been doing photography, film and video production for more than thirty-five years.  Their company, Foster Entertainment, has won more than seventy national awards for their television ad campaigns, short films and photography.

But Christmas 2012 marks a first for them: the preview of their first full-length feature film, “So This Is Christmas”!   The Fosters shot their film in Tulsa, Oklahoma in twenty-seven days, with a cast which included Eric Roberts, Vivica Fox and Lexi Ainsworth.

Prior to reaching the theatres, “So This is Christmas” won five awards.

Now, their film will be premiering in Tulsa in early December–and expected to be in California theatres in time for Christmas 2013.  Traveling out of Calfornia to the Tulsa area?  According to their Facebook page, the Tulsa premiere’s set for December 2!

Here, Deborah and Richard talk about the experience of bringing their multiple award-winning script to life, their time on the set of “So This Is Christmas,” and their own favorite Christmas memories.

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