The Craftsman and His Work

Luis L. Garcia at his linotype

A chance visit to Carson’s International Printing Museum led Luis L. Garcia to become a regular volunteer!   Luis is no stranger to linotype setting.  It’s his craft, his heritage–and his passion.

Luis told Noelophile™ how he first became involved with linotype, and where his profession led him.  Want to see him in action?  If you go to the International Printing Museum’s “Dickens Holiday Celebration”, this Saturday and Sunday, December 8th and 9th, you’ll not only get to watch Luis–he’ll set a name in linotype for you!

One thought on “The Craftsman and His Work

  1. Thank you, Dot, so much for this interview on Luis. It was very poignant just now as I heard that he passed away late this past September. I’ve sent this out to his friends who admired and cared about him at the museum as a keep sake to remember him by. Seems fitting that all the keepsakes he gave to our guests we have this one for ourselves. We thank you for this wonderful little bit of Luis….Bless you!

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