A “Handcrafted” Invitation

by Noella Noelophile®Gayle Fleury with one of her Aussie Girl necklaces

“Oh, you’re so talented!”

You’re highly likely to hear that, this Christmas season, if you attend Seaside Studios San Pedro’s “Ladies’ Ornament Party”, in just under two more weeks.

But first, you’re almost certain to have a lot of fun.

Gayle Fleury, of Aussie Girl Designs, will be hosting this three-hour workshop, which begins at 10 am.  You’re invited to come join the group, sip wine, enjoy snacks and make something incredible for your tree or home.

While I don’t yet have an update on the type of media Gayle is using, she is a talented designer whose specialty is crafting amazing jewelry.  I’ll make an educated guess that she’ll show you how to create some sparkly treasures.

While the Facebook page says”snacks will be provided, it also mentions that food contributions are always welcome.  So if you’d like to bring a favorite finger food or specialty, you certainly can.

Unlike many of the other activities I like to promote on Noelophile®, this workshop does have a cost: $40 per person.

Expect the morning to be well worth it.

Aussie Girl Designs’ “Ladies Ornament Party” begins at 10 am, Saturday, November 18th at Seaside Studios San Pedro, and runs till 1 pm.  Seaside Studios San Pedro is located at 525 North Harbor Boulevard (near O’Farrell), across from the Fanfare Fountains and cruise ship terminal.  Cost for the workshop is $40 per person.

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