Fullerton Set to “Glitter”

by Noella Noelophile®

poster advertising Glitterfest with two sisters in witch'shat and crown and ship in background

(Graphic courtesy of Glitterfest, and used with permission.)

Today is it.

Today, Sunday, October 15th, is Glitterfest 2017’s Fall edition of their  juried, handmade mixed-media art show, in a new location: Fullerton!

We’ve only had the opportunity to attend one Glitterfest show, so far.  But this weekend, we’re hoping to change that.

Glitterfest is unique, among the shows we’ve seen, due to combining vintage home decor with some very cool handcrafted creations.   And every vintage item, rather than being a fragile, don’t-breathe-around-me-or-I’ll-shatter antique, is a “fun” thing we can easily see bringing home as a new treasure.Sisters and Glitterfest founders Sheryl Simpson and Dianne white at check-in table with black-and-white diamond banner

And Glitterfest founders (and sisters) Sheryl Simpson and Dianne White have a talent for combining old and new, and making them work together.   Spread among the vintage items with a lot of imagination and creativity, you’ll discover a lot of fantastic handcrafted jewelry, clothing and decor for Halloween, Christmas and even Valentine’s Day, courtesy of the talented exhibiting artists..

When we attended before, we fell in love with Gabrielle Acevedo’s Gothic bead art, a/k/a Beads of Darkness.  (Who knew woven-bead necklaces and purses could have such a delightfully spine-tingling Halloween twist?)  We also loved the wax-faced pixies and flocked vintage mini-Christmas trees on display (we remember those!).

And this year, we suspect we’re going to love Susan Arnott’s work even more.  She’s a teddy-bear artist, who creates adorable “bear-necessity” items.  Her webpage also displays a handcrafted bunny that looks suspiciously like the Velveteen Rabbit of our childhood days.  (She has limited editions of some childhood favorites, but better order early–she may easily sell out by Christmas!)

Unlike most art shows we’ve attended, Glitterfest does have an admission fee.  They also seem to have a devoted following: the morning we went, a line of enthusiastic women were waiting outside for the doors to open.

This year, we’re especially looking forward to seeing the very cute decoupage snowman we spotted on Glitterfest’s Facebook page, “in person”.  We also will have an eye out for the snowmen and other Christmas items made of salt-and-pepper shakers (some people are so talented!).   And we always like to see Angela Resendiz’s original fabric art from her small business, The Shabby French Home.  (You guessed it–there’s nothing “shabby” about her work!)

We also probably won’t be able to resist Bee-Kissed Caramels‘ artisan candy–and neither will you.

Glitterfest’s 2017 autumn mixed-media art show happens Sunday, October 15th, at its new  Fullerton location,  Spring Field Banquet and Conference Center,  501 North Harbor Drive at West Chapman Avenue.  Hours are 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, and admission is $7.00 at the door.

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